Why to tile a Small Bathroom with Mosaics

Let’s be honest, even if you Google “stylish small bathroom”, you still end up getting results for large and lavish bathrooms designed to show off every curve and line of the fancy fittings in it. Even though Europe has been building bathrooms in a matchbox size, us South Africans are still getting used to tiling and decorating our small bathrooms the right way.

We’re here to tell you why you should consider tiling your small bathroom with mosaics.

One size fits all

Mosaic tiling is a versatile solution for any bathroom surface, from the floor, to the walls, in the nooks of the shower, around curves of the built-in bath and in any other wet areas you may have. Choose the right one and it can be used anywhere in the bathroom.

Dynamite comes in small packages

As mosaics are small, one can create amazing patterns and designs with very little expensive inserts of metals, natural stone and crystals. Using a large tile could potentially limit the use of various materials in your brilliant bathroom.

The illusion of a larger space

Should you choose to use a mosaic in your mini matchbox of a bathroom, mosaics may actually make it seem bigger. A seamless surface that flows from the doorway, into the shower and around other wet areas gives the illusion of a larger surface area. To make it seem even bigger, choose a light-coloured mosaic.

Easy installation

Should you install mosaics, it requires a single phase of labour – no adhesive and grout – just one simple application.