We’ve Gone Green

Be it Adidas shoes, Sea to See sunglasses, Responsible rings, Green Home umbrellas and now Global Stone mosaics, all of these products have a sustainable product path. This means that you can now recommend this same green path to that customer when they request it.

All of our environmentally friendly mosaic range come in many shapes and forms, but all have these facts in common:

Made from recycled glass: The mosaics are made using recycled glass from various sources, which means that they reduce landfills and it is also possible to recycle the mosaic once it reaches the end of its product life span in the home.

Hard as stone: The recycled glass mosaics are extremely hard thanks to the high temperatures they are fired at during manufacture. They result in a PEI 5 base product to which the digital printing is then applied.

Diverse design: The design capabilities are endless as the digital print is unlimited. From wood, to stone and other colourful geometric designs, we have a wide range to choose from.