Riven Stone Cladding

Global Stone’s Panel Riven Cladding reduces the installation time and produces a consistent look on the finished surface, be it a feature wall, garden wall, or fireplace. We’ve made it easier to install, taking away the need to be a specialized craftsman to install cladding. Here are some suggestions on where and how to use the cladding in and around the home or even business premises.


Cladding is durable and long-lasting and more than suitable for many applications.

Fireplace & Braai Areas: Able to withstand the expansion and contraction from temperature changes.

Water Feature & Outdoors: The Stone Cladding is fine to have water run over the surface once the adhesive has properly set. Due to the rough nature of the stone, the stone will have added character as time passes.

Splashbacks: As this version of stone cladding is not too rough, it can be used behind basins and sinks without the worry of the bulky stone collecting excess dust.

Feature walls: Draw attention to any wall, be it in the home or outdoors.

Epoxy Glue Cladding


Vary in thickness

Panels should be staggered for the best look


Remember to colour match adhesive to cladding

Best choice for splash back purpose