Glass Mosaics: Perfect for the Pool


Splash out on some pattern-perfect pool mosaics fresh off the decor line. Each small mosaic piece is carefully crafted into a pattern on a pre-set weave that makes application a breeze on large areas.
Thanks to the grout spacing in between the pieces, this mosaic series is a safe choice for any wet areas, especially in and around the swimming pool.

More reasons why Crystal Glass Series is perfect for the pool:

Cleanliness: The mosaics are made using one of the purest forms of glass that highlights each piece’s clarity and character of colour. Glass is a material that is non-porous and easy to clean and keep pristine.

Malleable:  Because the 23 x 23 x 4 mm pieces are just the right size, these glass mosaic sheets are flexible to a point and can be used on curved surfaces like pool sides and columns. 

Versatile: This glass mosaic is certainly not limited to the swimming pool and will make decorative magic of any area, be it a splash back, shower or showcase wall. The range comprises of various shades of blue to choose from.