Reinventing the Pool

Each underwater submersion should be an opportunity to regenerate, refresh and replenish.
It’s about time that somebody thought about the pool as something other than a blue body of water, but rather an addition that complements a building’s architectural aesthetic.
We have marked three main groups of mosaics that will make it easy for you to decide which material type will best suite your requirements.
All of the mosaics marked with the Pool Icon  are suitable for use in swimming pools, wets areas and sauna environments.

Porcelain mosaics really open up the door in terms of choice. This impermeable surface is available in hundreds of options that include shapes like square, hexagonal, micro round, rectangular, subway, kit kat and more.

Get the natural look of a bubbling brook with our two options of pebble: Sliced Pebble and Micro Pebble. Both of the mosaics are made from real stones, sustainably sourced from mother nature.

You may surprised to learn that glass is a popular choice for many wet areas. It is hygienic, cost effective and widely available in various colour variations, sizes and shapes. You can even choose any sustainable option from our Recycled Glass Category.