Miniature Porcelain Subway



For some reason, many of us cannot resist the unreal cuteness of miniature. From Teacup pigs to bonsai and ponies. The  Miniature Porcelain Subway is a truly unique market offering. Fulfill the need for mini with Global Stone’s NEW porcelain mosaic – available in 5 different colours. The selling features are as follows:

Trendy: Latte and Mint colours are currently very fashionable. White, Black and Cappuccino are timeless favourite neutrals to style match with.
Reinvented: We have taken something classical and reinvented the concept to bring you something unique and fresh.
Hygienic: The glossy, glazed porcelain surface is easier to clean than porous products.
Durable: The porcelain  which is used on walls only will last for many years. 

Sheets are 288 x 294 mm; chip size is 45 x 95 mm