Max on the Benefits of Big

Do you remember when the smallest possible cell phone meant you had the greatest technology? Now, the bigger your phone, the more tech savvy you are.
Even in the world of ceramics and tiling, we’ve gone from macro, to micro and come full circle back to bigger is better.
Global stone now carries a few larger mosaics with larger tile chips that carry the following benefits:

Sleek: A more simplistic and sleek look is created as there are less lines of grout.

Shine on Design: A larger surface area gives the design a chance to be the hero of the mosaic instead of the shape of the mosaic itself.

Hygienic: Less grout lines means less space for bacteria and mold to grow. It’s always a good idea to try seal mosaics in the shower especially. The hardy porcelain in virtually impervious to substances.

Universal design: The colours in our new porcelain range feature your basic essential neutrals that can be universally applied in any bathroom.

View the range of mosaics with larger chip sizes here.

Six fashionable designs: Matt White, Matt Black, Latte Matt, Ash Matt, Chess and Black Hexagonal with white insert.