How to Choose mosaic for a Splash Back.

We live in a world where we have come from having few options when it comes to décor and what’s available, to a selection that’s broader than the smile of a child who has a mouth full of candy.

Where to go, and what to choose quickly become questions that can take hours to answer. Let Global Stone give you some basic Pro’s and Con’s of each material type so that you can weigh up what will work for you.


Pro’s: Glass is generally considered a great option for those who like things to be “clean” – let me explain. Clean in the literal sense of being hygienic thanks to its resistance to absorbing bacteria and other substances, while also generally also being visually clean and generally visually calming. This is of course a generalization as many designs are very exciting and the colour options are virtually endless from a manufacture point of view.

 Glass is suitable for so many applications that it’s easy to match your splash back with whichever other surface you decide to clad with mosaic.
Also, glass as material is quite consistent in terms of quality from one retailer to the next, with subtle, but inconsequential differences only.

Con’s: Glass is a cold, inflexible material that does need to be regularly wiped to look clean. Colour tone matches with tile can be hard to find.

Tip: when searching for a complementary tile for the mosaic, consider using something that suits the style, but it different as it’s quite hard to match the colours exactly if you are going for a monotone look.

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Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass Mosaics have all of the same benefits as Glass Mosaics, but with the added feature of being eco-friendly. The mosaics are most often not transparent due to being made from a mixture of colours.

Metal Inserts

Pro’s: Metals are generally quite hardy, hygienic and handsome. Metals tend to have a masculine nature that is confident, outspoken and everlasting. The reflective nature of the material illuminates its surroundings, making a space appear larger than it may be.

Cons: You need to know your metals and how to maintain them if you are even thinking about installing it. Most metals are expensive and often quite hard to source, unless you are Global Stone of course. Damage to the area if often quite noticeable and can ruin the entire splash back.

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Natural Stone & Glass

Pro’s: It’s natural, and natural means authentic and unique. No other person on earth will have the same design and natural stone has it’s own sense of royalty in the material world.

Cons: Stone is often porous, which makes it a high maintenance feature in the home. As it get’s wet, it will change colour until the water dries, unless it is sealed regularly.

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This is the most obvious choice, and for good reason. There are so many variants – shapes, sizes and colours. Porcelain mosaics are produced at fairly affordable rates and is both hygienic and suitable for both floor and wall use. All in all a great choice for any splash back.

So now that you have all the knowledge that you wish for, you can go out and choose the one that’s just right for you.