Hexagon Mosaics: Big, Small – We have them all!

The common shape you’ll find in nature, and the one that most astounds mathematicians, is the hexagon. These six-sided shapes are everywhere! Think of beehives, insect eyes, and good old snowflakes and you will realise they are all made up of hexagons.

Pretty simple for sure and coupled with the love that interior designers have for these shapes and how impactful they are visually, we have decided to add even more to our already vast range.

The most popular colours are still your black and white porcelains and the various combinations of these too. Chip sizes range from small to larger and anything in between. This trend has been followed through to glass, recycled glass and combinations of these as  well allowing you the freedom to choose a solution that best suits your needs or design flair.

The latest addition to our hexagon family is our NEW range of large porcelains. These mosaics come in a range of fresh and popular colours to match most modern design palates. Their larger size caters for a more fun and playful feel to the space. Matt or Gloss – you choose!

Applications range from use in swimming pools to bathrooms and kitchens. The concept of feature walls using combinations of colours and creating interesting and playful eye catching areas. Choose from whichever design style you wish to achieve: classic, modern, Art Deco, Scandinavian and more.

The mini hexagonal mosaics also make for an immersive experience of tactile luxury. This mosaic is glorious under foot and feels like velvet to the touch. Due to its small size, it is great for use on curves, especially in swimming pools for a smooth decorative experience.

Check out the full range of hexagonal mosaics, click here.