An Eco-Friendly Mosaic for Sustainable Construction

Many trends come and go, however, one that seems to stay is the “green movement” or eco-friendly alternatives.
Global Stone offers a range of recycled glass mosaics that are considered both eco-friendly and suitable for Light Commercial use in the building trade.

eco-friendly collage Global Stone

Why are Recycled Glass Mosaics considered an eco-friendly building material?

When the mosaics are manufactured, used glass is cleaned, melted down, and repurposed by machine-pressing shapes out of the molten glass. As a result of this manufacturing process, the glass is very durable and the colour is full-bodied. This makes many of the recycled glass mosaics suitable for light commercial use. As the process recycles glass and the glass particles can naturally return to the environment without causing harm, this is considered an eco-friendly building material. The mosaics are also SGS Certified as recycled content as Pre-consumer materials in ISO14021: 2016.


What does Light Commercial mean?

It means that our mosaic range marked with the “Light Commercial” badge are suitable for a medium volume of foot traffic and they will not wear in a way that will affect the surface visually.

Mosaic carousel

What recycled mosaic variations are available?

Our recycled glass mosaic range is quite broad and available in the following shape variants: hexagonal, penny round, medium square, large square, weave, subway, diamond, and fan.

All of the mosaics can be used on the wall, floor, shower, pool, and other wet surfaces.

The recycled glass mosaics are available in various colours, including black, grey, brown, blue, green, marble look, white and more.