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Celebrate a trend with a Feminine Touch

Interior design trends fluctuate seasonally and yearly from one extreme to the next and we take from them what we like. We have seen stainless steel, sharp edges, and dark and moody colours. We have seen an idyllic pure white perspective with biophilic textures. We have seen greys move to brown and minimal become maximum.
Global Stone would like to draw your attention to the softer side of interior design with a feminine aesthetic. This interior design style celebrates a softer, warmer colour palette characterised but curves and decorative furnishings. One can expect to see the following design features with the feminine touch elements:

Lighter colours, often soft mints, beige and blush.

Small interjections of floral features

Furniture with curved or rounded edges

Texture layering with throws and pillows.

A touch of elegance – usually a sophisticated light fitting

Mosaics with curves or rounded edges.

Global Stone is celebrating this interior design style by introducing our Fans Mosaics. The colours we have selected are softer, gentle and warmer. This style of mosaic certainly brings a new side to bathrooms and kitchens, adding the desired curves among what can be commonly a sharp and cold environment. The colour spectrum includes linen whites, minty grey, cloud greys and a rich yet soft blue.